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SS Dicky, Dicky Beach, Sunshine Coast QLD - The Early Bird Gets The Worm!

The shoot at Dicky Beach was an interesting one. 

In all my years shooting landscapes, I have never had to share the beach with another photographer.

A dark shadow approached, tripod in hand she asked how long I had been there for. I responded "just over an hour". Whilst it was still dark, I could see her shocked expression. 

My tip to other photographers wanting to shoot landscapes... 

Get there before anyone else! 

While it can be a little creepy walking down the sand in the dark, the night sky is incredible. You'll even spot a few shooting stars, and a satellite or two. ..

But as the black slowly becomes blue the beach exposes pristine sand, and the only foot prints are your own. 

Getting there at sunrise is fine, but have fun photoshopping out my footprints. 

The SS dicky was grounded in 1983 at Caloundra while on it's journey from Rockhampton to Brisbane.

You wouldn't necessarily know by looking at her today, but she was an iron screw steam vessel measuring 96 1/2 feet in length. 

From what I understand the local council removed a good portion of the hull in recent years to improve safety. 

If you want to capture what's left of her beauty, Do it sooner rather than later. 

Locals fear she won't last much longer.